Blended Learning: Teaching with tech isn't if, but how

Anthony Kim, CEO and Founder of Education Elements, and Andrew Benson, Executive Director of Smarter Schools, co-write an opinion piece in The Cincinnati Enquirer on the pervasiveness of blended and personalized learning in education.

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So you think you want to innovate? Tool helps you assess readiness 

The Learning Accelerator and 2Revolutions created a framework to help organizations build a culture of innovation.

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Andrew Benson

Straight A Fund grant brings learning to life

The Ohio Blended Learning Network collaborated with The Learning Accelerator and the Christensen Institute on a comprehensive survey of Ohio schools and districts that shows a majority are using blended learning in their classrooms and suggests how the state can move to the next level on blended learning.

OBLN releases ground-breaking blended survey

Smarter Schools airs on NPR affiliates

Smarter Schools has provided support to public radio stations WVXU in Cincinnati and WOSU in Columbus, which aired radio spots about Smarter Schools and its support of the Ohio Blended Learning Network.

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The Smarter Schools web site highlights and advances the work of Ohio Smart Schools that led to significant reforms in Ohio to promote efficiency and effectiveness in education. The Ohio Smart Schools initiative was spearheaded by Andrew Benson for KnowledgeWorks and Ohio Education Matters beginning in 2010 and undergirds the Smarter Schools work.

Smarter Schools advances Ohio Smart Schools

When businesses, students and teachers come together to solve real-life challenges, the possibilities for learning are unlimited. Read the stories of Bringing Learning to Life that chronicle how a Straight A Fund grant project engaged students in Milford and Cincinnati schools in real-world problems that resulted in increasing their knowledge of STEM subjects. Eighteen classes between the two districts paired with a company or non-profit to 

Leadership in Blended Learning

Supports Principals in Advancing Innovation 

"The participants, whether they were eager to engage in blended learning or were skeptical about it, ended up embracing the teaching reform," said Andrew Benson, Executive Director of Smarter Schools.

Cohorts were convened across Ohio.

​Storytelling shows background of school reform


Smarter Schools

Ohio is on the cutting edge of blended learning practices due to a program from the Ohio Blended Learning Network that will train more than 100 principals to be leaders in blended learning. The program is part of a national pilot from the Friday Institute in North Carolina.




​solve case-based learning problems. The project was funded by a $1.1 million Straight A Fund grant.

Educators are being asked to change decades of teaching practice to do more for students with fewer resources. Telling the story of their struggle is illuminating for those outside the classroom and worthy of attention. Smarter Schools will carry on a storytelling tradition as innovation spreads through classrooms in Ohio.