The Leadership in Blended Learning program is a unique learning experience for principals and administrators to become proficient in blended learning and personalized learning in order to lead and support their buildings in blended learning implementation.

Participants experienced blended learning first hand and used tools to create a road map they used to kickstart or accelerate blended learning in their staffs.

Cohorts were grouped in regions across Ohio and worked with trained facilitators over five program sessions and one orientation session during the past three years. The sessions were supported by on-line activities that connected to LBL participants in communities across the state and country.

LBL Ohio was started in 2015 by the Ohio Blended Learning Network through a grant from the Friday Institute at North Carolina State University, supported by The Learning Accelerator, a California-based non-profit. The Friday Institute created the coursework and continues to expand the program nationwide.

More than 150 principals and administrators from more than 30 Ohio districts and school providers graduated from the program, 60 in the first year, and nearly 90% of program participants rated LBL Ohio as effective or very effective

Some of their feedback reflects that satisfaction with the program:
"The opportunity to discuss our building plans with folks from other districts was helpful in challenging or crystallizing our path forward."


 "Everything is applicable to my position. I will take the same session design and implement it with my administrators through the 2015-2016 school year."

"We discussed and shared some very practical and innovative PL strategies. Our team planned to use several of them immediately."

 "Very hands on and insightful!! Leaving with tools that I can use to help our staff."

Details of the LBL Ohio program:

  • Commitment to attend five day-long in-person sessions and complete on-line work in between sessions.
  • Program is designed for principals, assistant principals, and teacher leaders. Some central office staff may also be eligible to participate.
  • Districts and schools were encouraged to have teams of participants apply.​

​"We were very pleased to offer this opportunity to principals and school leaders across Ohio," said Andrew Benson, Executive Director of Smarter Schools, which sponsors the Ohio Blended Learning Network. "This learning experience sent more than 150 educators armed with technical expertise, enthusiasm and confidence to lead in blended learning."

"This course helped me to develop a general understanding what blended learning is, as well as how to begin encouraging others to help build a mindset that is open to new ideas."

"This is a great way to systematically gather one's thoughts with the implementation of this instructional model.

"I liked that we were given time to collaborate and reflect upon our vision of blended learning and reflect upon the opinions of our stakeholders."

Leadership in Blended Learning Empowers Ohio Principals